Aadaab Hyderabad, Secret Ubers Are Here!

Hyderabad wears many hats elegantly — it is the city of pearls, biryani, sports, Mughal architecture, pharmaceutical innovation, and last but definitely not least, Tollywood. That’s why we’re thrilled to have secret Ubers roll into town in Hyderabad, bringing safe and nawabi style transportation into our third city in India!

Hyderabadi Icons & Athletes, your Uber is arriving now!

Jwala Gutta, the undefeated badminton champion and Arjuna Awardee, got the first peek of Uber in the city. She opened up the app in Banjara Hills, requested a ride and minutes later was picked up in an Audi A6 and whisked away to the airport.

Around the same time, Mohammad Ali Baig, the ‘Poster Boy of Hyderabad Theater’ and mastermind behind the Qadir Ali Baig Theater Festival was opening up the app in Murad Nagar.  Within minutes, there was an Uber ride at his doorstep with Kishan waiting to take him away in style in a Jaguar.

Uber Hyderabad - Rider Zero

Top: Mohammad Ali Baig, Indian theater icon and ad filmmaker
Bottom: Sundeep Kishan, Telugu film star of Venkatadri Express fame
Right: Raashi Khanna, Telugu actress and star of Madras Cafe

Uber and Tollywood: A Romance For The Ages

Soon after that, the charming and dapper Sundeep Kishan managed to get a ride. The Tollywood star fired up the app on his film set in Jubilee Hills, and voila, a Jaguar was waiting curbside faster than Venkatadri Express! He took the time to soak in the Uber experience, even hopping behind the wheel for a quick photo.

With Hyderabad’s very first riders spreading the word, Raashi Khanna, the star of Madras Cafe and upcoming Tollywood star, was in need of a reliable and stylish ride to her shoot in Film Nagar, and Uber saved the day.

Ride in nawabi style with Uber Hyderabad!

So whether it’s getting to Madhapur to karaoke, Jubilee Hills for a classy dinner or Banjara Hills for a night on the town, Hyderabadis deserve an easy and classy way to get around their beautiful city, and Uber is here to deliver.

Over the next few weeks, Uber will be in “secret testing mode” in Hyderabad; availability will be limited but we will be working hard to make more cars available when and where you want them. Please do take a ride and share your experience with us on Twitter at @Uber_HYD or email at support.hyderabad@uber.com.

Uber on,

Team Uber Hyderabad

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