Colorado Makes Uber History

Today, Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law the first ridesharing legislation in the country.   SB125 puts Colorado on the map as the first state to legislatively embrace ridesharing, recognizing its enormous impact as a mainstream transportation option for millions of people worldwide.  Make no mistake, Colorado has sent a clear message that it embraces innovation, supports consumer choice and empowers small business owners.

From the beginning, Uber has required extensive driver background checks, vehicle inspections and best-in-class insurance coverage.  SB125 codifies our responsibility to the riding public and drivers by creating a new vehicle class called “Transportation Network Companies.”  It requires that:

  • Every driver pass a rigorous background check that includes driving records and felony offenses, including county, federal and multi-state checks;
  • Every vehicle on the road has been inspected for safety and quality with a 19-point inspection by a certified mechanic;
  • Every trip is insured up to $1 million from the moment a driver accepts a ride request.

This new law ensures that other rideshare providers meet these same stringent requirements so that all options in Colorado are safe for everyone.

Representatives Dan Pabon, Libby Szabo and Senators Ted Harvey, Cheri Jahn championed this bill from the beginning.  With a vision for innovation, they resisted the misinformation and efforts of special interests and instead, proactively reached across the aisle to develop sensible regulations that allow ridesharing to thrive.

While many thanks are due to the policy-makers and supporters who made this bill possible, it’s really the drivers who provide safe, reliable and high-quality transportation — drivers like Ali Vazir who captures this sentiment best in his Op-Ed in the Denver Post:

“With a $672 weekly cab lease, I paid over more than $34,000 a year to lease a Metro Taxi. First I had to make enough money to pay off my cab lease, then work many more hours to generate income. There were weeks and months I made well below minimum wage. With uberX, I can have a living wage, more family time, and drive fewer hours. I call it emancipation.”

Welcome to the innovation economy Colorado – we’re glad you’ve joined us.

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