Denver, Meet uberX

Uber has connected thousands of Denverites with high-quality, luxury transportation with the tap of an app and — with the overwhelming support of our riding public and incredible partner drivers — Colorado regulators recently affirmed Uber’s legality in the Centennial State.

But we know that as much as Denver riders love getting picked up and dropped off in style, sometimes you’d prefer a safe, clean, efficient ride at a lower price point. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of a ridesharing option called uberX in the Mile High City.

In Denver, drivers who utilize the uberX platform are people like you and me, behind the wheel of their own clean, modern, and reliable cars. These cars can come in a variety of colors, and will always have seating for up to four people. Colorado regulators, in addition to embracing UberBLACK and SUV, have been permitting ridesharing in Denver; and uberX is your better-faster-cheaper way to get around.

Ridesharing on uberX is all about connecting you to the best possible transportation at the lowest price, all with drivers who know their way around town.

How much is an uberX?

uberX UberBLACK UberSUV
Base Fare
start with this fare
$2.25 $7.00 $14.00
Per Mile
speed over 11mph
$2.00 $3.25 $4.00
Per Minute
speed at or below 11mph
$0.30 $0.75 $0.90
Minimum Fare $6.00 $15.00 $25.00

How do I get an uberX?

  • Open up your Uber app and you’ll find three options along the bottom: uberX, Black, and SUV.

  • Toggle over to uberX to give it a try.

  • Set your pickup location and tap the “Request uberX” button.

  • Send us feedback via the in-app rating screen or @Uber_Denver

Where is my uberX?

We’re working around the clock to bring more partners onto our system, but there may be times when uberX cars are unavailable. Fear not! You can still request an UberBLACK or SUV to get you to where you need to go.

Interested in becoming an uberX driver?  Check us out here:

How are uberX ridesharing partners screened?

We’re committed to maintaining the high quality you’ve come to expect when using the Uber app. UberBLACK and SUV options remain unchanged, and will continue to use only commercially licensed for-hire drivers. For uberX, ridesharing partners must pass a rigorous screening process, including:

  • Stringent background checks

  • Driving history checks

  • In-person interviews and screenings

  • Ongoing quality controls

  • Verification of insurance coverage

  • A zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol when using the Uber platform

Any questions or concerns about uberX can be directed to us

uberX on,

Team Uber Denver

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