uberX Blows Into the Windy City

Chicago Welcomes UBERx

Chicago Welcomes UBERx

Blog Updated: 6/3/13 -uberX is now CHEAPER than a taxi!

In our quest to be Chicago’s ultimate transportation option, we’re launching yet another way to roll around the Windy City: uberX. The uberX experience is about reliability and convenience, consisting of hybrid and mid-range vehicles at a cost similar to TAXI.

uberX in Chicago!

Why uberX?

uberX offers the same on-demand convenience you expect from Uber, with rates in-line with Uber’s TAXI option. The first cars to hit the pavement will be black 2013 Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion hybrids.

The launch of uberX is another step towards bringing you the most reliable transportation option at every price point. While the introduction of our TAXI booking fee has increased reliability of that product substantially during rush hours (20% more at peak times!), Uber TAXI riders are still in direct competition with the old fashioned street hail – this is where uberX comes in to provide increased reliability.


When Can I Request UBERx?

At launch, there will be a limited number of vehicles working with uberX. We are working hard to grow this option because we’re sure that you’re going to like it! :) These drivers won’t be busy with street pick-ups, so as our number of uberX partners grows from this initial launch, you’ll begin to see better availability and reliability. You will continue to have access to the Uber TAXI and BLACK products you love so much.

What Are the Rates? 

UPDATE: uberX rates have just been reduced making your uberX  trip cheaper than a taxi. The base fare for uberX is $3.15 and from there the rates are $1.75 per mile or $0.40 per minute. There is an $6.00 minimum.

Lower UBERx Rates

Remember, uberX is launching in beta mode, and availability will be quite limited in the early days.

Need more convincing? Just ask our Rider Zero Patrick Kane!

Chicago, your uberX is arriving now.
– Team Uber Chicago

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