Chicago TAXI Fare Update

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When we rolled TAXI out of the Uber Garage, as Uber’s first foray into a low-cost option, we had no idea what to expect. After 11 months, it’s now clear this option has been a great success here in Chicago (and in the 4 other cities TAXI is available). Riders love the convenience and efficiency (and more easily escaping the bitter winter). Drivers love the extra income they are earning and the ease and safety Uber brings to their work.

With that said, we know you have frustrations with availability and reliability of TAXI at key times of day, and we’re working to improve that for you. Our core BLACK car service will always remain our most reliable option, but we’re making some changes to our TAXI pricing and model that will begin to address these issues.

Uber TAXI app

Here’s what you need to know:

  • We will begin adding a $2.00 booking fee to each complete TAXI trip that you take through Uber. Fares will still reflect the city’s meter rate.
  • In turn, Uber is lowering the fee that TAXI drivers pay to Uber. Drivers will now keep more of every fare — even more than if you swiped your credit card after flagging a taxi on the street.
  • You will have the ability to adjust your default gratuity setting. It’s currently set at 20%, but you can change by logging into your account at
  • These changes will take effect September 1, 2014.
  • There is no change to BLACK CAR or SUV pricing.

It’s our hope that these tweaks will, over time, lead to more TAXIs in more areas of Chicago and better availability at peak times. We know that you rely on Uber for your daily commute, big nights out, and out-of-the-way hotspots. It pains us when you can’t get a TAXI and this is one of several improvements to our suite of transportation options that we’ll be rolling out to make sure you continue to choose Uber as Your Private Driver.


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