Secret Ubers Arriving in Cape Town now…Lekker Bru!

Secret Ubers in Cape Town

This morning, secret Ubers began roaming the streets of Cape Town. We couldn’t be more excited for our stealth launch in the Mother City!

Always one to be ahead of the pack (and better known for breaking through the pack when they aren’t wearing green & gold) SA Rugby legend Breyton Paulse did not waste any time in downloading the app and seizing the opportunity to grab the first Uber in Cape Town earning him the Rider Zero title for the Mother City! Congrats Breyty, another accolade to add to the no doubt very impressive trophy room!

Yes, “testing phase” for Uber Cape Town does mean “awesome and safe rides around Cape Town”. However, “testing phase” does also mean “testing phase” – Uber supply may be limited during this time. Please try us out and give us your feedback so we know what you like and are aware of any potential kinks which we will iron out during this initial phase as we create a service tailored to your needs!

As we are new in Cape Town we want you to have an opportunity to try out the Uber experience on us: If you’re a new user, use the promo code CTLAUNCH and enjoy 2 free trips (up to ZAR100 each). Insert the code in “Promotions” under the menu of your Uber app before October 30th or click here to register. This code is also valid in Johannesburg where secret Ubers have been cruising around town since earlier this month.

Uber Cape Town is hiring!

Have a crazy passion for Uber, an intimate knowledge of Cape Town, and the ability & hustle to make Uber Cape Town one of the best cities in on-demand private transportation? We’re hiring a General Manager to lead & grow our business in Cape Town, a fiery Community Manager responsible for rocking marketing & social media, and an analytical Operations Manager. Let us know if you know the perfect person for the job – if we hire your referral we’ve got some Uber credits coming your way!

Feedback and Support

As always, we appreciate your feedback! Give us a shout at or follow us @uber_ct on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Stay tuned, much more to come!
Your Uber Cape Town Team

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