FREE Taxi Week. Ride FREE w/ Uber Boston.

UDPATE: Whew! It’s been a crazy 48 hours. We’ve been SLAMMED with demand the last couple of days. Thousands of Uberettos have been taking rides around the clock – who knew that Bostonians loved their TAXIs so much? Thanks for being patient and remember that you can always request Uber Black for a reliable ride.

Not sure if you know, but there’s a reason we’re offering Free TAXI this week (besides showing our appreciation for all the Uber Faithful). Uber Boston turns ONE tomorrow! Oh yes, the big – 1 :)

If Free TAXIs weren’t enough, we have a surprise in store for a few lucky riders starting at 4pm this afternoon. We’ll be swapping out one cab for a Lincoln Navigator L. If you’re fortunate enough to get this Easter Egg, don’t worry! Think of it as a free upgrade. Nick Mathews, Uber Boston’s Community Manager, will also be on hand to explain everything.

Here’s a few Pro Tips for the last day of Free TAXI:

  • The discount applies to the first $25 of any TAXI ride request initiated through Uber before 8pm ET tonight.
  • Make sure to select TAXI – no discount applies for Black or SUV.
  • We’re experiencing INSANE DEMAND during rush hour. Recommendation –> Adventurous Uberers only.
  • TAXI is not available via SMS; please check out
  • If the driver ask for cash or credit, please remind them to enter the fare into the Uber app!

Tired of MBTA delays during your morning commute? Sick of playing games with cab drivers when you ask to pay with credit card? Uber’s got you covered. Starting 5am tomorrow (10/16) through 8pm on Thursday (10/18), ALL TAXI RIDES REQUESTED THROUGH UBER WILL BE FREE.

For the next three days… simply fire up the Uber app, select the TAXI option in top left, watch your TAXI arrive in minutes, and ride FOR FREE.

Help us share the FREE TAXI LOVE!

A few important things to keep in mind:

  • FREE TAXI Week is for local Uber TAXI rides only, so the first $25 of your trip will be FREE (the discount will apply automatically – you don’t have to do anything).
  • Request TAXI to qualify for the promotion. No discount applies for Black or SUV.
  • Uber only works with licensed City of Boston TAXI drivers (they have the cleanest cabs!). Availability may be limited during peak periods or areas where Boston TAXI drivers are less prevalent (e.g., outside Boston).
  • TAXI is not available via SMS; please use if you’re not on iPhone or Android.
  • If your first request for a TAXI goes unfulfilled, make sure you tap the TAXI button on the picker before ordering again!
  • While Uber has hundreds of TAXIs on the system, the drivers do have other business too, so be patient if your first request isn’t fulfilled. TAXIs will be opening up every few minutes, so keep checking the app.
  • The TAXI driver will still input the cost of the trip into the app (and run the meter), but YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED unless your trip is over $25. Refer to your emailed receipt to see the discount!
  • This is an ALL user promo!

We have surprises in store for Free Taxi Week :) Be on the lookout for special Easter Eggs to upgrade your TAXI experience and don’t be surprised to see a Lincoln Navigator pull up instead of a cab. Happy riding and please don’t forget to share with your friends!

For more information on TAXI from Uber: Blog Post
For more information on Uber in Boston: Uber Boston City Page

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