Hello India! Secret Ubers Have Arrived In Bangalore

Bangalore is a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and century-old tradition. The city has long been welcoming to new ideas, people and cultures — from nurturing global tech giants in the last decade to opening it’s doors to young startup founders and a growing number of expats today. That’s why we’re excited for secret Ubers to roll into town in Bangalore, our very first city in India!

Happy Music, Happy Riders

Uber’s goal is to bring a smile to your face as you cruise around town. So we thought it was apt that the Bangalore’s resident maker of happy music, Raghu Dixit, got the first peek of Uber in the city! He opened up the Uber app on his iPhone on Ali Askar Road and requested a ride. Minutes later, he was picked up by Anand and whisked away.


Shakalala baby, Uber’s on the way!

With Uber’s Rider Zero on his way, another musically gifted local, Vasundhara Das, was really close behind. The actress-turned-entrepreneur fired up her Uber app in Malleswaram. Quicker than she could say “Shakalaka Baby”, Wajid was curbside in an Mercedes E-Class to take her away in style.

Whether it’s getting to your favorite pub for happy hour or the iconic MTR for filter coffee, the endless one-ways and the incessant symphony of car horns can make even the most staunch local residents lose their minds. Bangaloreans deserve an easy and classy way to get around town, and Uber is here to deliver.

Join the #UberIndia team

As we grow in India, we’re looking for fantastic people to join us. In Bangalore, we’re looking for a rockstar Community Manager — someone to be the face of Uber in the city and grow Uber’s brand in style. If you or anyone you know is interested, send them our way!

Over the next several weeks, Uber will be in “secret testing mode” in Bangalore; availability will be limited as we work to make more cars available and test our pricing. Please do take a ride and give us feedback on your experience at supportbangalore@uber.com or on twitter at @Uber_BLR. We love hearing from our riders and want to make your first Uber experience as warm and vibrant as India itself!

Much love,

Team #UberIndia

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