Uber’s Marketing Program to Recruit Drivers: Operation SLOG

There’s been a lot of discussion – and a lot of misinformation – about Uber’s driver recruitment and the ridesharing industry’s at large. We’d like to set the record straight and demystify our recruiting efforts, which we call Operation SLOG (Supplying Long-term Operations Growth). With millions of riders and ever-increasing demand for more rides in even more cities, we are always working hard to recruit new drivers onto the platform. Across the board, Uber partners are earning more money, with more flexibility than ever before – and we want to make sure everyone has access to Uber’s unmatched economic opportunity.

Like other industries, ridesharing is a noisy marketplace. To market the benefits of driving with Uber, we cut through the noise to market to potential partners.

Marketing to Prospective Drivers

Uber provides drivers a way to start their own small business, become entrepreneurs and accelerate their success. Simply put – there’s never been a better time to drive with Uber. Here are a few ways we market to drivers in order to recruit them to Uber:

  • Driver Incentive Programs: Rolling out incentive programs help prove Uber is the best option available for drivers. Bottom line is that partnering with Uber is a bet you’ll always win. Drivers can sign up here.
  • Brand Ambassadors: In cities around the world, Brand Ambassadors help recruit new riders and drivers through events and partnerships – engagement is essential to successful recruitment. Want to become an Uber Brand Ambassador? Learn more here.
  • Rider/Driver Recruitment Campaigns: Both riders and drivers help recruit new drivers to the Uber platform. We often run promotions where riders can earn Uber credits for every new driver they recruit to try Uber– and drivers can earn bonuses for signing up new partners.
  • Vehicle Financing: Uber is always adding new ways to enhance driver opportunity. The vehicle financing program helps drivers purchase new vehicles at better prices – allowing drivers to expand their business and delivering turnkey solutions for a more profitable future.
  • Doubling Down on Support: We’re developing new efforts to improve response times, optimize support processes and deliver more quality for riders and drivers everywhere. Support is an essential component of our business – by delivering more quality we’re able to grow and strengthen the entire Uber community.
  • Marketing 101: We can’t successfully recruit drivers without talking to them – and that means taking a ride. We’re all about more and better economic opportunity for drivers. We never use marketing tactics that prevent a driver from making their living – and that includes never intentionally canceling rides.

The Uber Hustle

We’re rapidly expanding our reach, offering transportation solutions in over 180 cities around the world – and we’re just getting started. To meet the ever-growing demand, we need to spread the word to drivers across the globe.





More drivers help keep Uber the reliable, affordable, convenient platform riders know and love. And with powerful earnings potential, record incentives, expanded insurance coverage for ridesharing, and innovative partnerships like our vehicle financing program, we’re excited to help hundreds of thousands of new entrepreneurs – our partners – build their small businesses with Uber.


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