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Safety is foundational to the Uber experience – for both riders and drivers.  From GPS-pinpointing and tracking of rides to safe, cashless payments and rider safety ratings and feedback, we’re putting technology to work to deliver the safest ride on the road.

Part of putting safety first is our process for screening every driver on the platform. We have developed a multi-component background check process that includes Federal, state and local records.  All ridesharing and licensed livery partners must undergo background checks, which include three levels of screening – county, multi-state and federal.  This is in addition to regulatory agency background checks required for licensed livery partners.

But being a leader means putting our processes under scrutiny of outside parties. Therefore, we are undergoing an audit by former Mayor of New York City Rudolph W. Giuliani and his security team at Giuliani Partners, who will review Uber’s driver background check process and related systems.  The result will be a checkup on existing processes and a series of recommendations for potential improvement – which Mayor Giuliani will work with us to implement – as we continue to build and scale our safety systems.

“Uber’s leadership is not only open to, but eager to identify avenues for improved safety and security for its customers.  As Uber moves into its next phase of growth, they are poised to elevate the safety experience for the entire transportation industry.”
—Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Mayor Giuliani’s review will be rigorous and span months, and we are confident he will bring his renowned toughness to this review.

As a four-year-old startup, we work hard to learn quickly from challenges and deploy solutions.  Uber will complete an estimated 2 million background checks in 2014, more than nearly any other private company.  The sheer volume of trips and large number of drivers on the system are responsibilities we take seriously – and we remain committed to continually raising the bar on safety.

For more information, please visit our safety information site.

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