Office #7 in the 7×7

Today we are excited to mark the opening of Uber’s new global headquarters at 1455 Market in San Francisco’s Mid-Market — our 7th office in the city’s 7×7 square miles since our founding 4 years ago. We are pleased to be continuing our growth and investment in our home city, a global leader for innovation.

With this investment, we start calling Mid-Market home and are happy to be a part of the ongoing economic revitalization of this neighborhood. Our new 88,000 sq. ft. space at 1455 Market Street includes room for 590 people today — with a lease for an additional 132,000 sq. ft. over the coming year, for a total of approximately 220,000 sq. ft.


Photo by Jasper Sanidad

Our new office has been developed to reflect our company’s culture and includes open plan seating, collaborative meeting spaces, and a ¼ mile track around the floor for “walk and talks”. The space also celebrates the 118 cities around the world that we call home, with city grids etched on art installations, conference rooms named after Uber cities and maps on screens throughout the office. In the new office, we have also worked to minimize our environmental footprint with state of the art energy management systems and cutting edge energy efficient features.

Photo by Jasper Sanidad

Photo by Jasper Sanidad

As part of this move, we have opened up a dedicated driver center. We’ve heard a lot from our Uber SF partners about wanting easier ways to reach our team including parking and streamlined access to the office. With a new dedicated driver center in Potrero Hill, we are aiming to better connect with our partners and help make getting started with Uber, attending office hours and safety education processes more seamless.

The story of the new HQ office in San Francisco is also the story of how we develop office space in Uber cities around the world. From Chicago and New York City to Singapore and Paris, we build out spaces within the urban centers, supporting local revitalization efforts whenever possible, while creating space for our quickly growing local teams.

We’ve come a long way from our first space in San Francisco—a small cube for four people in the Financial District, subleased from another local start-up called Zozi. San Francisco is where it all started and this city has played a tremendous role in this company’s life. Thank you, San Francisco.

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