Expanded Background Checks

Uber works hard to ensure that drivers on the system have gone through rigorous screening and background checks. For options like UberBLACK, UberTAXI, UberSUV, and UberLUX, state and local jurisdictions often perform background checks as part of their commercial licensing processes. With ridesharing uberX, all drivers requesting access to the Uber platform undergo an independent screening by Hirease, a national provider of background checks, using the Multi-State Criminal Database.

While many counties regularly provide their records to state authorities (who in turn make them available to the Multi-State Criminal Database), some counties do not participate in this reporting the way we and our users expect they should. Similarly, a check relying on the Multi-State Criminal Database may miss records that only exist in the federal database. In our experience, records appearing in one database but not showing up in another is a rare occurrence, but we consider this situation unacceptable all the same.

What is Uber doing about this?

Uber is expanding its efforts to obtain complete background checks. As part of this expanded program, all new ridesharing drivers in all American markets will undergo federal and county background checks, on top of the existing Multi-State Criminal Database check.  This expanded program also involves running county and federal background checks on all existing rideshare partners who have not yet cleared these additional checks.

Safety of riders and drivers is of paramount importance at Uber, closely followed by transparency and accountability. We’ll continue communicating with riders and drivers about our screening processes and are committed to constantly improving our policies. We encourage folks who have questions on Uber’s background check policies to send an email to backgroundchecks@uber.com.

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