Saddle up – Uber’s back for #SXSW13!


Hold onto your holsters, Uberettos, because you’re in for a wild ride. Uber’s back for SXSW and we’re rolling in with a slew of transportation options including Pedicabs, UberX and even an appearance by a Rolls Royce Ghost on the Uber Austin system!

Uber Pedicab

Pedicabs return to the Uber system for a third year cause, let’s be honest, that’s really the only Austin way to travel. In addition, we’ve partnered with Samsung to provide all Samsung Galaxy owners with FREE pedicab rides throughout interactive! We’re also excited to announce the release of Uber 2.0 on Android with SXSW attendees getting the first chance to take the new app for a spin. Pedicab Details: 

  • Pedicab fares are negotiated with your pedicab driver and are all-inclusive. No need to tip.
  • Just select Pedicab in the app, locate your driver, negotiate the fare, and rate your ride at the end of the trip!


UberLUX is out of the Stable

With all of these swanky parties, we wanted to give y’all the chance to roll up like a real billionaire entrepreneur. Introducing UberLux: the SXSW Luxury option. We’ve partnered with an Austin-based Limo company to bring you exotic vehicles including:

  • A chance to ride in a Rolls Royce Ghost!
  • We also have Mercedes S550s, Porsche Panamera, BMW 7 series, Audi A8s, and Range Rovers to get you around SXSW in Uber style.
  • Riding in Lux is not for the faint of heart. A ride on UberLux comes at a $75 minimum, with a full pricing breakdown available at

The Ghost of SXSW

UBERx: FREE to try in Austin!

Uber wouldn’t be Uber without choice – so we’re offering complimentary UBERx rides through March 13th – mid-range vehicles driven by locals for locals. Getting a ride is as simple as firing up the Uber app and toggling your car selector over to UBERx. We’ve also partnered with Tesla to showcase their new Model S.  When requesting an UBERx, there’s a chance you can be a lucky one and snag one of these bad boys below. 

  • Jump for joy as you realize that your ride is going to be FREE!
  • There will be a few super-secret Teslas on the system, so keep your fingers crossed.
  • No joy riding – please limit your trips to under 10 miles because sharing is caring and everyone wants a FREE ride!
  • City regulations state it is ILLEGAL to provide gratuity to a driver. Please refrain.

Either Or - #SXSW13

Cars and Pedis are on the road from 12pm – 3am every day. To stay updated on everything Uber, follow us on Twitter: @Uber_ATX! Questions? Check out our FAQ here!


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